Product Feed Management and Optimisation provider trusted by the World’s top Brands & Agencies, offering the most innovative solutions to deliver significant retail performance

Why use FeedHero?

Your product feeds are a vital foundation of your marketing. With so much spend and investment which sits on top of the feeds, it's mandatory to invest in a high-quality feed partner

Numerous Feed Formats

Feeds for search engines, comparison sites, social and affiliate networks, display, retargeting, marketplaces, marketing tools, customized feeds.

Time to Market

Your client account configured and source feed integrated in a few days, channel feeds live within hours.

Qualified Traffic Uplift

Our techniques deliver immediate qualified traffic increase, exposing you to new audiences and huge volumes of impressions.

CPC Reductions

Use custom product grouping to focus your spend efficiently and effectively at the products that count.

Data Optimisation

Titles, descriptions, keywords, images, product categories – you name it – we have tools and insight to optimise it.

Premium Customer Service

Our highly responsive and multilingual customer services team helps to resolve requests quickly & efficiently via email and phone support.

Advanced Technology

Technology like no other provider, combining ease-of-use with sophisticated techniques.

Fully Managed if Needed

We can even handle all aspects of Feed Optimisation & Feed Management for you, with our fully managed service.

FeedHero create the best Channel Feeds

Simply being able to create & manage feeds on a channel-by-channel basis is only half the story (the easy half!). Whilst many companies claim that they create the best product feeds the reality is that most simply repackage existing data, and any errors that they contain, in output feeds limiting Channel Performance.

Product Cleansing

We digest, clean and re-encode your data to industry standards and use an archive of rules and techniques built over 10 years to manage this process

Product Data Optimisation

We specialise in enhancing existing product data (including populating missing fields & adding in FeedHero insights) to drive significant performance uplifts.

Channel Management

On a daily basis we refresh your product data, apply relevant rules, custom labels & optimisation to delivery bespoke feeds that comply to ever changing channel guidelines.

We work with global and local clients across the world

FeedHero is present in markets covering of the world's population. We have local offices in the UK (HQ), France, Switzerland and Asia.

Contact us

+44 20 7453 4103